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scholarly journal articles

  • 2020. Detection of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Sekong Province Lao PDR 2018 – potential for improved surveillance and management in endemic regions. Annand, E., High, H., Wong, F., Phommachanh, P., Chanthavisouk, C., Happold. J., Dhingra, M., Eagles, D., Britton, P., Alders, R. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 68 (1), 168 – 182.
  • 2009. Complicities and complexities: Provocations from the study of resettlement in Laos. Critical Asian Studies, 41 (4), 615-620.
  • 2008. La guerre segretta degli Stati Uniti d’America contro la natura. It paesaggio violent del Laos. I Frutti di Demetra: bollettino di storia e ambiente, 16, 37-48.
  • 2008. Violent landscape: Global explosions and Lao life-worlds. Global Environment: A Journal of History and Natural and Social Sciences, 1 (1), 58-81.
  • 2006. Join together, work together, for the common good – solidarity! Village formation in southern Laos. Sojourn, 21 (1), 22-45.

book chapters and entries

  • 2023. Actually existing anarchist anthropology. In H. High and J. Reno (Eds.), As if already free: Anthropology and Activism after David Graeber (pp. 79-95). Pluto Press: London.
  • 2023. Birthing Possibilities. In H. High and J. Reno (Eds.), As if already free: Anthropology and Activism after David Graeber (pp. 52-78). Pluto Press: London.
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  • 2008. Dreaming beyond Borders: The Thai/Lao borderlands and the mobility of the marginal. In M. Gainsborough (Ed.), On the Borders of State Power: Frontiers in the Greater Mekong Subregion, (pp. 75-100). Routledge: London.

book reviews

  • 2013. Review of the book Returns to the Field: Multitemporal research and contemporary anthropology by S. Howell & A. Talle (Eds.). Social Anthropology, 21 (3), pp. 412-413.
  • 2012. Review of the book Tracks and Traces: Essays in memory of Andrew Turton by P. Hirsch & N. Tapp (Eds.). Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 43 (1), pp. 208-209.
  • 2011. Review of NIAS Monographs 112 Creating Laos: The making of a Lao space between Indochina and Siam, 1860-1945 by Nordic Institute of Asia Studies. Journal of Siam Society, 98, pp. 279-280.
  • 2005. Review of the book The Lao: gender, power, and livelihood by C. Ireson-Doolittle & G. Moreno-Black Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 36 (4).

other writings

  • 2005. Cooperation as gift versus cooperation as corveé. Some notes on why Lao rice farmers cooperate for rice production much more easily than they do for state projects [paper presentation]. Yale Southeast Asian Studies conference, New Haven, U.S.A.